Monday, 5 November 2012

What is the role of media in politics in India?

India is a SECULAR democratic country. POLITICAL play the key role for development of the country and also play important role for civil society. The media  in politics play vital role in India. Today media is playing biased role in reporting in some matter.A good media can educate the public to form their own opinion.Today it is very unfortunate that political parties start media for their own interest and utilise it for their narrow interest.It is very sad that election is control by money ,muscle power and media.
Every media should be reporting about public interest to solve the problems of the peoples. A responsible media should be playing an unbiased role in reporting.Media is enjoying the freedom of expression in India.A good responsible media should be reporting about main issues for public interest. The media in India has major role in politics and it can help  to stop Corruption  ,anti -national activities, social injustice  and religious Fascism in effective effective way.Hope for better service by media and better SITUATION   in India.

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